Alfalfa Plus for dairy cattle, poultry and horses

Why Alfalfa Plus?

  • Ensures a proper development of the rumen.
  • Perfect for sprinkling for poultry
  • Rich in natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements and stable proteins (±16%)
  • Due to artificial drying free of pathogens and paratuberculosis bacteria.
  • Precise feeding and easy to remove from packaging due to the pre-cut slices/portions
  • Natural oil has been added for a better uptake of the leaves (proteins).

Alfalfa Plus

Alfalfa is a biennial to triennial plant and one of the papilionaceous flowers. Alfalfa contains a large amount of proteins, so that it is a good completion of the daily concentrate.


Luzerne Plus consists of pure Alfalfa with a few percents of vegetable oil. The oil binds the Alfalfa leaves and improves the uptake. It is important that the leaves are taken up properly, because these contain the high nutritional value. Therefore Luzerne Plus consists of the entire Alfalfa plant without any addition of grasses, straw or other roughage.


Luzerne Plus has a slightly finer structure and therefore it can be better taken up by many animal species. For example, calves can take up unlimited Luzerne Plus after as little as five days. It is also a perfect product for poultry farms that wish to sprinkle Alfalfa on the ground.

Due to the portions and vegetable oil in the product, animals take all necessary nutrients up and the product is easy to measure into doses.

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Alfalfa Plus

20 kg.

10 cuts at 2 kg

60 x 30 x 30 cm

64 items per pallet

12 months

1 pallet






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Also suitable for dairy cattle


Alfalfa Pellets

Also suitable for poultry


Alfalfa Poultry

Alfalfa Briquettes

Also suitable for horses


Alfalfa Bale

Alfalfa Pellets

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