Alfalfa Gold

for Pigs

Why Alfalfa Gold

  • Can prevent fouling of the sty as well as ear-biting and tail-biting.
  • Because a small amount is given every day, it continues to be interesting.
  • Pigs are busy with it for quite some time and it is very tasty.
  • Results in a healthy intestinal flora and the ability  to recuperate is increased.
  • Because the pigs get up, the pig farmer can observe properly how healthy they are.
  • As a result of the artificial drying very constant and clean roughage.
  • It contains more fibres than a standard Alfalfa product.

Alfalfa Gold

Luzerne Gold consists of pure Alfalfa with a few percents of vegetable oil.
The oil binds the Alfalfa leaves and improves the uptake. A large amount of the leaves has been sifted from the product in order to preserve as much structure (stems) as possible.
Because Luzerne Gold is given by hand by the pig farmer, the contact to his animals improves. Thus he can directly see how and if the animals respond to the feed, which facilitates inspection, because he tempts the animals to get up instead of routing them.

Another advantage is that Luzerne Gold can have a positive effect on ear-biting and tail-biting. It can also prevent sty-fouling. Sometimes pigs excrete dung on the solid floor, but they tend to keep the site where they eat clean. If they are given edible diversion material on the solid floor on a daily basis, they tend less to excrete dung at that place.
When Luzerne Gold is sprinkled in the sties, it entices the pigs to investigate, sniff, root, before they eat it. Therefore a proper diversion. One handful per sty a day suffices.

Because Luzerne Gold has been cut into 10 portions of 1.7 kg (17 kg), it can be taken from the packaging and measured into doses easily.

An excellent diversion which also results in a healthy intestinal flora

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Alfalfa Gold

17 kg.

60 x 30 x 30 cm

64 items per pallet

12 months

1 pallet





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Alfalfa Briquettes

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